Our experts visited Cambridge


Our experts visited Cambridge

This May our experts visited Cambridge University. Living in Kings College they had a unique opportunity of multicultural and multidisciplinary communication with Cambridge professors an students, BBC Reporters and members of British government. As a result of their work in Cambridge library they have developed database of the latest publications in language e-learning online including 52 items. They had meetings with prominent Cambridge scientists who are old partners in a range of international projects and members of OmniBase network. Cambridge experts agreed to participate as members of the editorial board of UA science metric Journal devoted to the issues of innovative education technologies. They also were kind enough to be involved as native speakers into SmartEnglishOnline training. Our experts contacted Cambridge Assessment Center officers to discuss collaboration in education, research and publication issues. They also filmed video clips with Cambridge professors and students opinion concerning learning languages online for CamBliss site. The results of the visit are planned to be realized as training, research, publication and dissemination deliverables.

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