CAC representative in Ukraine visited our training center


CAC representative in Ukraine visited our training center

This July an official representative of Cambridge Assessment Center Daryna Sizhuk visited our training center. She has aquatinted with our team, KNUCEA infrastructure including 4 media classes equipped with modern e-learning devices and STVteam platform with SmartEnglishOnline training complex. We had fruitful discussion concerning the problems of modern language online training with presenting our experience in their solving. It was agreed to establish e-training center for organizing training and FCE exam for Cambridge English: First on the bases of STVteam platform and infrastructure. It was also discussed the prospects of research collaboration concerning: 1) self-management and self-evaluation of FCE e-training process; 2) developing productive speech interactive practices and testing (writing and speaking) within FCE e-training and e-exam online; 3) speech skills automation based on smart simulations, scrolling exercisers and memorizing techniques within FCE e-training process; 4) developing Grammar e-training on the bases of internal mechanisms of human thinking, speech and memory. We have received valuable advices based on Daryna’s experience and competence and agreed for regular communication.

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